Quantum Soul Game


In the distant future, humans have managed to create robots that take care of virtually all the tedious tasks that humans do not want to do. These robots are practically slaves living at the orders of their human masters. Humans know that robots are actually much more powerful than they are, so to make sure they do not rebel the robots are disconnected from each other and a small code is introduced to every unit that prevents them from attacking a human being under no circumstance. Our protagonist is a human being who pretended to be immortal by transmitting his conscience to the body of a robot. He did this because he was escaping from the bad deeds he did in the past, but something went wrong and in the process he lost his memory. Now he is trapped in the body of a robot without remembering that he is really a human being. But little did he know he was in a defective body. Also he is the only robot capable of attacking a human being.